Android Wifi Stalker 1.1 Released

Wifi Stalker 1.1 Released

Apparently you must wait a certain amount of time between publishing updates to your app on the play store so this update has taken longer than originally planned.


  • New interface (I changed the interface to be more streamlined)
  • Added option to change the scan interval (default is 30secs)
  • Added long click on target in the target list for export functions
  • Added export individual targets to KML
  • Added export all targets to CSV and KML
  • Added show in google earth
  • Added Statistics menu
  • Removed support for phones (this will be added again in the next update)
  • Fixed lots of crashes, bugs and errors
  • Fixed targets doubling up in the database

Use the menu (3 dots at the top right) to sort target list via encryption types.

Long press on a target to use export features.

The next update will be coming soon and will implement the runs feature which will allow you to store your targets as “Runs” which can than be played back in real time via Google Earth. as well Phone support will be added again. and the app will be essentially complete.

WPS hacking will be implemented in the version after next which I know a lot of you security professionals are waiting for.

The APK can be located on the playstore here:

Android Wifi Stalker 1.1



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