Busy, Busy

Lots of stuff going on lately. However there is a new release on the way. I have been reading the comments and checking out the error reports on the dashboard and have slowly been working on the app when I get the time.

Reaver functionality will be added soon as well, This will however require root and a couple of binaries to function… This should not be a problem for most of you but I am just letting you all know.





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2 Responses to Busy, Busy

  1. stephane says:

    Have tried many times to get it to work on SGTab2 10.1. No luck. I’m running Cyanogenmod 9 Android 4.1.1. Any way to download a previous version of the apk?

  2. busstopgames says:

    I will release a new version soon. However I will post up some previous versions of the apk up here in a few days. Previous versions worked for you before? I posted the last update in haste and think I broke some stuff. It works on my nexus 7 however but that could be because of the dev copies I have installed as well.

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